Institutional Goals

To create analytical consciousness about the dynamics of existing socioeconomic and political structures among the disadvantaged strata of society.
To create wider societal support for social, political and economic structures based upon the principle of participatory human development and socio-economic justice in Pakistan.
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Organizational Strategies

Human Rights Education
Human Rights Awareness
Human Rights Campaigning & Advocacy
Research, Documentation and Publication
Networking & Building Alliances
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Programmatic Areas

Democratization of Society
Educating Professional Groups in Human Rights Framework
Youth Mobilization for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights
Empowering Marginalized Section of Society
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National Coalition Against Bonded Labour (NCABL)

For the Year 2013-14,  DCHD is elected as Secretariat of National Coalition Against Bonded Labour (NCABL)


Campaign Against Child Marriage

This project was run in Sindh and NWFP. (Completed)